is the creative consultancy of the vertically - unchallenged Oliver Tseliki. Offering the highest standards of digital, design, and direction for brands and marketers in the UK and beyond. However, since he puts every waking hour into his clients, his own site is something of a work in progress (Cobbler’s children wear the worst shoes and so on). So if you’re looking for someone with the stature to focus on your brand rather than his own, why not have a real-live chat?

Oliver Tseliki
+44 (0)20 3355 8777
info [at] 6f4.eu
80–100 Gwynne Road
London SW11 3UW
United Kingdom.

Oliver is a polymath. He is an outstanding art director, a digital geek, and a serious businessman. I've worked with him on several projects, and have never been disappointed by his work. He is a consistent performer, whom I can recommend highly. Top class.

Stephen Greensted, Marketing Consultant (and wise old sage)